Land and forest

Agriculture and forestry

Did you know that in addition to the sea, the land and forest have also played crucial roles in the lifestyles of Carleton-sur-Mer’s inhabitants? Take a look at three attractions that speak of their importance: the salt marsh and its sandspit, the heart of activities at the Madawaska mill for nearly 40 years; land division, a remnant of an agricultural past; and Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, a former backcountry village.

Today, there are only a few small, officially recorded farms in Carleton-sur-Mer. In addition, these human-scale farms are increasingly adopting ecological practices. As for the town’s residents, some have vegetable gardens or raise a few animals for their own enjoyment. Logging is still practised in the backcountry of neighbouring municipalities. Some people who work in the forestry sector are members of our community but the large enterprises they work for are established elsewhere in the region. Finally, the former village of Saint-Louis, absorbed into Carleton-sur-Mer in 2000, is inhabited by a few dozen individuals seeking a distinctive lifestyle.

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