Fishing, commerce and navigation

See how Carleton-sur-Mer’s seaside located has markedly influenced its socio-economic development since the 18th century by exploring four attractions: Eudore’s shed, an eloquent witness to the commercial salmon fishery; the public wharf; the “Banc des Maisons” (house bank), village hub for a century; and the lighthouse.

Herring, lobster and rock crab are the primary species harvested commercially today at Carleton-sur-Mer, where mariculture has also grown by leaps and bounds. The Carleton bank (once known as the “Banc des Maisons” or “house bank”) lies between the sandbar and the municipal beach, at the crossroads of two recreational tourism infrastructure zones. A few businesses have put down roots there, but most commercial establishments lie along our main artery, Boulevard Perron. The wharf, for which we have developed a strong sense of community, is a key gathering place for our residents.

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